CORIM Consulting Sàrl

We Go Beyond

Services we provide

Each business has its own specificities; our solutions can be tailored to suit individual goals & needs

Strengthen your foundations

Whether your business is opening to new markets, strengthening the supply chain, creating new policies relative to risk management / compliance, or making sure business continuity is achieved for the next generations, we have got you covered.

Risk Assessment

We will spot potential hazards which could affect your business.

Financial Strategy

We will leverage macro and micro environmental factors and transform them into a strategy

Business Consulting

CORIM Consulting Sàrl will help you to set your bold ambitions and define a clear business path

Why CORIM Consulting Sàrl

  • Interdisciplinary team; our team is highly diverse when it comes to educational and professional background, the idea is to tailor solutions to our clients and, therefore close the gap between academic and operational.


  • Assessments: our reports are conducted by highly skilled analysts who are directly exposed in the business and risk management environment. We are ready to provide our clients with all our knowledge, in order to decrease risk exposure throughout a risk-based approach.


  • Culture; CORIM is proud to present a team that is heterogeneous when it comes to backgrounds. Our team operates successfully from South East Asia, passing through the Middle East, Africa, Europe and America. One company, one people.


  • Values & Ethics; we are the next generation; our idea is not limited to rendering service to our clients , we want to create a safer & greener environment. Our purpose is to educate and mitigate risks in order to proactively protect our society and transform it in a more lawful & safer environment. At CORIM it’s the’ people who define corporate and not vice versa.


  • Network / Global capabilities; we can rely on unlimited resources placed in different continents form America to Europe, Africa & Asia.

Industries in which we operate:

Your risk, our mission