About Us

At CORIM we go beyond

The company was formed by experienced advisors from various sectors with the objective of bringing innovation and a new touch to risk management, intelligence, compliance, innovative green policies, governance and kyc-cdd.

CORIM Consulting Sàrl is a Swiss company which focusses on reducing risks and weaknesses, both internal and external and transforming the latter into opportunities. The work force consists of a very dynamic and heterogeneous team. The aim is to guarantee a strong Swiss brand/label which can rely on an international and interdisciplinary team.

We will provide you with tailored solutions; consultancy has never been so close and to the point. With a combination of our courses and/or advice, we can guide and provide your company with new policies on various issues. This however is not our sole objective, because with our tailored solutions we will tutor and guide your personnel in order to make the necessary changes to have a meaningful and sustainable impact.

Our journey together will transform your company/organization into a more proactive reality in an environment that is changing at a very fast pace.

CORIM consulting Sàrl is not just a consultancy firm, we are a reality which will become part of your firm, constantly at your side to guide you and protect your interests in a lawful manner.

Board of directors

Robert Wollach

With over two decades in international, inter-generational private asset management, Robert is a governance and communications specialist. In addition to advising clients on investment strategies, Mr. Wollach has experience in creating/managing intellectual property assets, family succession plans, and philanthropic strategies. With a passion for creating “Triple Bottom Line” governance strategies – as well as a belief in the largely untapped power of public-private partnerships, Robert brings global knowhow in corporate leadership, investment advisory, and communication strategy to the CORIM team.

Jean Luc Merryweather

Previously head of Finance at Lloyds Bank TSB, International Private Banking (Geneva HO). Extensive international experience in development and monitoring of business strategies, Wealth Management and financial control. He was also active in business transformation and large projects (IT and non IT). After nearly 25 years with Lloyds Bank, he joined in 2011, the Forvest group and the Board of Directors of CORIM Consulting Sàrl in 2022.

Emile Spierer

Emile Spierer is an energy engineer from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. He has led his career in the field of energy policies and the development and implementation, on a large scale, of methods to control the demand for fossil and/or non-renewable energy and to develop the massive use of renewable energy sources. He is at the origin of several major innovations in this field and of some world firsts and has especially contributed to reduce, by more than 50% , the CO2 emissions per inhabitant of the Republic and Canton of Geneva during his career. He was also a reference analyst in two different boards for the public financial support of innovative technologies.

Advisory board

Laure Mori (head of legal and compliance & board of advisory)

Ms. Mori is the head in the department of legal and compliance. She has now developed more than a decade of experience in this field. Immediately after passing the lawyer bar, Laure spent over two years practicing in a law firm based in Geneva. After this experience she spent seven years working for a major consultancy group, providing advice concerning business/economic law, corporate law, M&A, bank regulation and she was also in charge of recruitment and formation. Ms. Mori is now in charge of AML and KYC at the CORIM Consulting Group.

Stuart Wilkins

Stuart has worked in financial services for over thirty years, notably in international wealth management. He is a specialist in risk management, regulatory compliance, credit and market risk. He has held executive, non-executive and regulated roles in private banking, investment and trust businesses using his knowledge and experience to bring practical and commercially minded solutions ranging from strategy to remediation of significant issues. He has developed and delivered a number of training programmes internationally. In addition, to his executive roles he is also a consultant having provided his services to a range of businesses notably in banking and media.

Rikki Chow

Independent management consultant based in Toronto, Ontario with dual Swiss/Canadian nationality. Formerly President and CEO if the Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation.

Christian Didelot

Christian Didelot is a recognized chartered accountant and experienced financial manager. His expertise in the field of financial management of internationally active companies and in the fight against money laundering makes him a valuable support in detecting money laundering activities and in ensuring compliance with existing laws and regulations in this area.


Alessandro Bagnolesi (Business Risk & Developer)

Alessandro Bagnolesi is a security analyst with a deep knowledge in geopolitics and risk assessment. He obtained a BA in Pisa University in International Relations, an MA in Israel focusing on intelligence and security. Alessandro has worked in various domains of security, from think tanks, to aviation security to food security/fraud. During the pandemic he decided to extend his knowledge and therefore obtained an MSc in Business and Management. Today he is working closely with financial experts in order to exchange knowledge and bring a 360 degrees’ vision on possible risks tied to businesses.

Davita Epstein

Davita Epstein (Risk & Compliance)

Davita was born and raised in the Netherlands. After high school, she decided to go abroad and experience the world. While abroad, she obtained a double BA in Anthropology & Criminology, and an MA in security studies. Meanwhile, she was working in various capacities for security companies in the United States of America, Israel, and Switzerland. She has therefore developed high skills in intelligence and developed an interdisciplinary approach when it comes to research and assessments. During the pandemic she decided to pursue a MSc in business and management, and combine  private and public sector, and academic experiences to create a bridge between risk management and intelligence.

We work alongside you for guaranteed results.

CORIM Consulting Sàrl is working closely with our clients in order to create a safer and sustainable future for your business