Governance & strategic communication

Governance is one of the most important systems within a company and therefore, sets the strategy on which goals to choose and how to achieve them. Bad governance can be deadly for a business in the long run, and CORIM Consulting is here to assist your business with:

  • Directorship and comprehensive Board management services
  • Strategic partnership ideation, negotiation, implementation services
  • Asset oversight/reporting structures: design and implementation
  • Special Investment/asset audits
  • Governance strategies and technological support solutions
  • Leadership risk assessments and mitigation strategies


Developing a positive culture around the multidimensional implementation of better governance practices helps build an environment of trust, increases overall performance, and equips a company’s operations to duly cope with today’s threats and challenges.

We live in an extraordinarily complex geopolitical environment that is constantly subject to change; don’t fall behind because you neglected your risk management.


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